St. Wanas has been profoundly touched by the appeals of numerous refugees residing in Malaysia, seeking assistance for their children’s education. It is with immense pride that we recount our journey, which began in 2019 by supporting two young learners at the primary school level. Today, our dedication has blossomed, as we extend our support to a total of six children, with five cherishing their primary school experience and one courageously venturing into the realm of high school.

At St. Wanas, we wholeheartedly embrace these families, providing them with a range of essential support. Our assistance encompasses the payment of school fees, personalized tutoring sessions, transportation provisions, engaging excursions, and the provision of much-needed uniforms. We understand that each child’s education journey is priceless, and it is our privilege to play a role in nurturing their dreams.

In our pursuit to foster a brighter future, we recognize the financial realities that these families face. The average cost per child per academic year is $6000 during the primary stage and $9500 throughout the secondary stage. Despite the challenges, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education and remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring these children receive the opportunities they deserve.

Looking ahead, we anticipate a continuous surge in the number of cases supported by St. Wanas. The growing influx of refugees seeking solace in Malaysia, due to the escalating number of conflicts worldwide, propels our mission forward. We stand ready, unwavering in our resolve, prepared to offer a helping hand to children in need in this region.

With compassion as our guiding principle, we affirm that our hearts remain open, and our dedication remains unyielding. St. Wanas is steadfast in its commitment to empowering these young minds, embodying the belief that education can ignite a brighter future.